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December 30th, 2007

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The 2007 Boothies


This is the first annual Boothies, our awards for notable achievement relating to issues of human sexuality.


Sex Positive Mainstream Award

Brooke McEldowney for 9 Chickweed Lane

I always thought that Brooke was a woman, but in fact, the creator of this award winning comic is a man. The strip features intelligent women. One is a dancer with a philosophical bent, her mother is a PHd and university professor. All of the married characters have active sex lives and imaginations. It deals with realistic issues women have with their bodies. The strip also features two recurring gay characters that are presented in a positive light. Sex in a mainstream comic is quite rare, but this strip manages to make it a part of the human experience, as it is in reality.  


Adult Industry Media Award

I have no idea how you would rate the best adult movie of 2007. There are so many different types and so many possible criteria, that we won’t even bother. Instead, our award goes to the movie that has managed to generate the most attention in the mainstream media. And the clear winner is Not the Bradys XXX, a dead on porn parody of the Brady Bunch from Hustler Video. It’s the best selling title of 2007, and has gotten mountains of mainstream media attention, including four stories on Entertainment Tonight’s The Insider.


Worst Mainstream Sex

Our easy winner for the worst sex in mainstream media goes to the HBO series Tell Me You Love Me, which consistently portrayed sex as dreary, unexciting, and miserable. The sex was uninspired, inept, and pathetic. It offered little in the way of positive values, eroticism, and clearly set a new low in the depiction of sex in the context of marriage.


Best Political Party

The best political party for positive sexuality in 2007 is neither the Democrats or the Republicans, or any other party in the U.S. We have to look north, to our friends in Canada, for the Sex party. They are a registered political party in British Columbia, the very first political party in the world focused on promoting sex positive issues and freedom of expression. Their campaign flyer, which explained their stands on various sexual issues, was banned from the Canadian mails by the post office because a small child might see it and become embarrassed, even though Canada Post president Greene earlier defended delivering what she called a vile mailing of hate filled anti-gay propaganda because the Canada post does not censor the mail. As long as it deals with sexual issues in a hateful and not positive way, apparently.  The Sex party is for better sex education, the repeal of sex negative laws, and they oppose censorship. They are a political party with a platform we can wholeheartedly support.


Free Speech Fighter of 2007


Fighting for free speech is a long and hard battle. Sometimes a very long battle, as was the case for Rondee Kamins, who has been fighting the federal government for 12 years. Her battle was against 18 USC 2257, federal regulations that created tremendous burdens on anyone creating explicit adult content. She fought the battle on behalf of her Connections magazine, a swinger contact publication, which was severely impacted by these regulations.  This year she won, getting the 6th Circuit Court to declare the regulations unconstitutional and putting the first nail in the coffin of what everyone could see were onerous laws designed only to impede the production of sexually explicit content and having little to do with their stated intent of protecting children.  


Sexual Courage Award 2007


There are a lot of types of heroism, but to go up against the most powerful government in the world that was complicit in covering up your brutal rape is truly heroic. Most rape victims want to forget what happened to them. Many do seek justice. But few have to deal with their own government protecting the rapists. There has been no justice for Jamie Leigh Jones, and her only recourse has been to sue in civil court and go public with her story, knowing full well that she would be attacked by KBR and by right wing supporters of the president. It is difficult to dispute her allegations. The U.S. embassy had to literally rescue her from contractor KBR, which held her under guard in a shipping container after she reported her rape. This only happened because she was able to get a call to her father, who called his local Congressman, who personally intervened to get her rescued. Medical reports show she was drugged and brutally gang raped, although most of the rape kit has disappeared and none of it has been turned over to her attorney. Our government has known about the case for two years, and there have been no prosecutions and no evidence that the case was ever seriously investigated. And she is not alone. More American women are coming forward with stories of being raped by their fellow contractor employees, and of contractors and the government letting it happen. Texas Republican Congressman Ted Poe has also been courageous in taking up Jamie’s cause and pushing for justice and for Congressional hearings – hearings the Justice Department refused to attend and so they left an empty chair. Poe likens Iraq to the lawless wild west, a place where the worst crimes can be committed without fear of prosecution. It is an astonishing moment in American history where we find ourselves in such a situation- of lawlessness, murder, rape, corruption, and a justice department and state department completely indifferent to such atrocities because they involve politically connected and powerful corporations. And it takes a lot of courage to stand up and demand justice against such powerful forces who see evil as little more than political expediency.



Whacko of the Year


No position in the world gives you more power to do spread a sex negative idealogy than the presidency of the united states. We have already inducted president bush as whacko of the decade for his consistent anti-sex stances, so instead we turn to those campaigning for the job. In a field of horrendous candidates on the Republican side, we have a lot of people to choose from. Yes, we have done Whacko of the week reports on most of them, with the exception of Ron Paul, who has extreme anti-abortion positions, but since he doesn’t believe in federal government, he doesn’t believe in the federal government doing anything about it, and Fred Thompson, who just could not seem to get up enough energy to be truly whacko, and Rudy Guiliani, who with his numerous affairs, has not found making anti-sex moralitistically whacko comments to be helpful to his campaign right now.

Many of the candidates are deserving of the title of Worst Presidential candidate on sexual issues.  Alan Keyes, our Whacko of the Week for December 16th, is certainly a contender with his obsessive hatred of homosexuals, even his own gay daughter, and his insane comments such as "Hitler and his supporters were Satanists and homosexuals.” He is not a serious contender for the presidency, though. Tom Tancredo, our Whacko of the Week for September 9th, has dropped out of the race, but his ability to combine his fear of immigrants with his fear of sex was notable, as was his making it clear that his opposition to abortion was not about protecting babies, but because it emasculates men. John McCain, our Whacko of the week for July 22nd, was notable for referring to Tom Coburn, the craziest anti-sex nutball in Congress on sexual issues as his personal sex expert. And Sam Brownback, our September 2nd Whacko of the Week, combines a belief in a theocratic government with a fear of sexuality that is strong and consistent. He chaired anti-porn hearings in Congress with a collection of the worst pseudoscientific anti-porn nutballs in the country. Brownback is to science what an eraser is to a chalkboard of equations.

But for us, hands down, the winner is Mike Huckabee. Huckabee seems to incorporate the worst of all the others. He shares Brownback’s love of theocracy, and like Brownback who created legislation to force misinformation on women about reproductive issues, Huckabee promotes Women’s Right to Know legislation which mandates providing women with scientifically unsupportable information, and like Brownback, he is almost scientifically illiterate. He makes absolutely crazy statements like Alan Keyes, such as comparing consensual premarital sex with domestic violence, and calls homosexuality a character issue. And perhaps with an extra dose of crazy. Huckabee equates environmentalism with pornography and drug abuse. He apparently has no love for tree masturbators or who those who shoot up clean air. But worst of all, like many who claim the mantle of being gods chosen, he has no problem with fudging the norms of ethical standards. He lied about his involvement with the release of a serial rapist who went on to murder more women. He has lied about his past statements, such as the documented statement that he wanted to quarantine AIDS victims long after it was known how AIDS was transmitted. He is the only candidate currently giving speeches at $25,000 a pop, skirting around campaign financing laws. As governor, there were 14 ethics investigations, 5 reprimands, and many questions about how he handled political  gifts and donations, many of which seemed to benefit him personally. He also has a reputation for being arrogant and very certain of his opinions. And on almost every recent issue dealing with foreign affairs he has come across as profoundly ignorant. God wants him to be president, he’s always right, he worries little about ethics, he is poorly prepared for the job, and he is insanely antisex. This just sounds all too familiar. And for that been there done that sense of deja vue he gives us, he is our clear choice for Whacko of the year.


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